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BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLCis the first entity in the Middle East to promote the E-commerce business of trading in physical precious metals through a web based online Platform that allows clients to access all products at the international spot prices. BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLCis licensed by DEDauthority under the number of 813681.
Our products include the most popular precious metals which are Gold/Silver/. Further we have bars and coins available for Gold and Silver in different denominations including rare collectible coins as well. Our brands are varying from International to Local refineries. Our E-shop has a complete list of our stock available. All these metals are quoted in the international spot price on our online platform.
Our services range from:
  • Physical OnlineFixing: with physical bullion to buying physical bars or coins. Depending upon your requirements, you can access our multi-purpose online platform once you have opened an account with us and either buy physical bullion (Gold or Silver). Our platform allows the client to fix the price whenever the client sees fit no matter where they are sitting in the world.
  • E-Shop: This is a great option for one time buyers, who are interested to have the physical delivered to them anywhere in the world, and they can use credit cards or bank accounts for making the payments.
  • Monthly Saving Purchase plan: this is a great option for investors who are looking for saving options, a monthly purchased will be done for the customer every month for the time as per the agreement, after completion of the pre-decided the duration, thecustomer will have the option to have his physical delivered to him along with the profit.
  • Coins Customization: clients can have their pictures engraved on Gold/Silver coins
This account is your set of a unique username and password that will allow you to access your own multi-purpose online platform through which you can fix the price only or simply buy bullion. A client can use this account to manage their gold and keep a track of their investments plus access news and charts related to bullion.
To open the account, the client needs to fill the account opening forms, send back to us with the required documents; there are no fees for opening the account.
In order to open an account with BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC a customer needs to provide us with a valid passport copy and valid residency visa. If in case the client is not based in UAE then they need to provide a valid residency proof for their country of settlement.
The client does not need to maintain any amount in his account, he/she can keep his/her account balance zero.Whenever a client wants to buy or invest, they can simply fund the account and start!
The minimum you can buy through the platform is 1 Ounce of whichever metal you choose. However, this does not mean that you have to maintain this much amount to keep the account active. Whenever you decide you want to start buying, you simply have to deposit funds equivalent to 1 Ounce of the respective metal and start buying!Send us a mail or call us to know more about accounts.
There are two scenarios to buy bullion from BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC:

First scenario: for one time buyers, they need log in to our E-Shop, place the order and pay online; he/she can either ask for delivery, or he/she can pick up his purchase from our office.

Second scenario: if the client wants to buy regularly, he can open an account, which allows him/her to buy/sell on the market directly with better rates than the E-Shop, with more extra facilities.
Full settlement account is the service BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLCprovides when the client wants to buy physical gold through our BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLConline platform.
After you provide the complete agreement with the required documents it will take maximum 24 hours for our compliance to verify and process your account.
It takes from 24 working hours up to maximum 72 working hours.
BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC provides DGD Gold (Dubai Good Delivery); all of BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC products are certified and has invoices, which clients can sell anywhere in the world.BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC deals in 24 Karat purity of all metals.
The client can sell his physical commodity back to BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLCwith no prior approval from BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC, with one click through his online account he can sell it back to us; in case the client took the physical asset, and it’s in his own custody, and he wishes to sell it to BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC, prior approval is required from BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC.
BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLCprices are the spot market prices (which are considered as the best prices to buy/Sell at).
  • Our charges are the commission rates for each Buying/Selling transaction through the online platform.
  • Additional Service charges apply in case the client asks to have the physical custody of the commodity.
  • If the client asks for door step delivery, additional delivery charges will be added, depending on the location and the quantity which will be delivered.
  • Other charges will be provided free of charge for our account holders such as (zero interest, zero account opening charges, zero termination charges, etc...).
All the transactions on the platform are in dollars, as the market rates in dollars, the exchange rate from AED to $ will be 3.675, fixed for depositing/withdrawing.
There are two payment channels a client can use:

  1. Through a bank account
    Funding of the online account will be through the banking channels, the client need to deposit the amount to the company bank account through any depositing method he/she wishes (wire transfer, cash deposit, cheque deposit, etc..). Once the payment is made the client has to send a confirmation receipt of the transaction for us to proceed with the funding request.
  2. Through a Credit Card
    If a client wishes to fund through a credit card, then they can go to our E-Shop on our website and purchase payment vouchers which are available in the denominations of 500 USD and 5000 USD. Once you have purchased these vouchers and paid through the card, you can send us a request to credit these funds to your online BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC account.
The deposit voucher is a function for the clients who have accounts with BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC; through this deposit voucher the clients can fund their accounts with us using credit cards.
Once you have sent us the confirmation receipt of the transaction, it takes about 30-60 minutes to get the funds credited to your BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC account.
You will receive an email from us to confirm receipt of funds.
There are no charges for storing your commodity with us for as long as you wish for. You can keep a position open as long as you wish without any penalties. In case of funds, we do not deduct anything for as maintenance charges or such either. The online BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC account is completely free and is only applicable to charges when a client makes purchases.
Once a product is selected on the E shop, the system will guide you to payment options and help one step at a time to make your payment. The payment options are through a bank deposit or credit card.
The client needs to fill a withdrawal form with the exact amount he wants to withdrawal (partial withdrawal or full withdrawal), with his signature and bank details which he mentioned in the account opening forms.
The withdrawal process starts after maximum 48 hours, if the bank account is outside UAE, it would take around 96 hours.
The client has full authorization on his account, the client can withdrawal all or part of his money at anytime he/she wishes to.
The client has the choice to ask for delivery for the physical commodity he/sheis dealing in through the online platform if they do not wish to sell it on the platform. In this case a client can choose amongst different products we have available in our system and choose any of the delivery options that suits them.
It takes from 24 working hours up to maximum 72 working hours from the time of the request.
We have two delivery options:
  1. In Store pick up – which is when a client can simply come to our office or any of our affiliate offices in Souk and pick up their asset. No additional delivery charges are applicable in this option. However, prior notice would be required if in case the client wants to receive the Gold from our affiliate offices in Souk.
  2. Door step delivery – which is when a client wants the asset to be delivered to them at their doorstep. However in this case additional charges will be applied depending upon the quantity and the location and other terms and conditions might also apply depending on the end location government policies.
The client can visit our office to pick up his physical asset from our office after a prior notice from BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC. We will inform the client with the exact timing when the client can visit the office to take their commodity. Also, the client can arrange for the pick up from one of our affiliate offices in Gold souk.
You can deliver/pickup any weight you wish to as long as it is in our list of products.
Yes, as long as they have the necessary ID’s and we receive a written consent from your side authorizing such a request along with a copy of the person’s ID sent by the client himself/herself.
Yes, BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLCsends in a daily basis reports to the account holders that has both fundamentals and the technical forecast for all its metal products that can assist a client in making their next trade decision. We have 3rd party paid service providers for the reports and analysis.
BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLC does not personally execute on behalf of the customer however we do provide you with recommendations and market reports to help you in your decision. Each client has a dedicated account manager fully versed in the products and the market trends and they can advise our account holders.
The price fixing platform is the online account that the client can use through the internet to manage his Gold purchases same as the internet banking, each client will have a unique username and his own password to access his own account. Through this platform the client can decide the price when he wants to buy and immediately act on it rather than wasting time trying to reach a shop and risk price fluctuations.
We have dedicated account managers for each of our clients who are there to help you walk through the platform and assist you in any manner necessary to make your experience with us friendlier. At a client requests, then our account managers will be more than happy to meet you in person and give you one on one training on our web based platform.
BULLION FUND GOLD TRADING LLCis a worldwide company that opens accounts for any client inside/outside UAE, whatever their nationalities.
Yes you can open a joint account with your spouse or any one infact as long as you use a Joint bank account as well for the funding and withdrawal of funds.
Why buy gold you ask? In times of economic uncertainty and instability, buying gold makes more sense than anything else. With confidence in the banking system and worldwide economy at an all-time low, gold bullion is the ultimate insurance and should act as an essential part of everybody’s investment portfolio. With the famous yellow metal in greater demand than ever, there are many reasons why people should buy gold.

With both consumers and Central Banks in many of the world's most powerful economies buying unparalleled amounts of gold, has there ever been a better time to buy gold? Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m not rich enough to buy gold. In some countries like Germany, India and Russia, some of which experienced economic collapse within living memory, buying and owning gold is a very common way of protecting and preserving your wealth.

It is advised everybody should own between 5% and 10% of their liquid wealth in gold bars and / or gold coins, whether you’re a modestly wealthy person with some savings or a multi-millionaire it makes a great addition to your investment portfolio and acts as the ultimate insurance against turbulent economic times.
Many investors spend time deciding whether to buy gold or buy silver, however the savviest investors own both. Whereas gold could offer the ultimate insurance and protection against uncertain economic times, silver is a more speculative investment.

Silver does not offer the same level of security that gold does due to the volatility in the silver price, however the consistent fluctuations result in more opportunities to buy and sell at profit making silver a more speculative investment. History tells silver is a riskier investment than the safe haven of gold which has consistently preserved and increased the value of money, however silver has also proven to be a very good investment. In the last three years between December 2008 and December 2011, the silver price has increased 233%, substantially outperforming any other investment type such as stocks, property and even gold.

In conclusion, Silver can add the necessary diversity to your bullion portfolio therefore spreading risk and providing additional protection against other investments. Both the metals are affected at the same time however; both have different demand ratios which lead to a notable difference in the rate of growth in their prices. Silver can offer fast profits with easy investment capital compared to Gold.

In the end, an investor’s objectives plus his financial situation plus his portfolio are all factored in before deciding whether to go for Silver or Gold.

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