Our services Include:

  • Gold Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Trade Finance Partnerships
  • E Shop (Jewelry & Bullion)

Gold Account – Buying & Savings

Our multi purpose Gold buying platform allows the clients to be able to use it in different aspects. Customized to suit each client’s needs, clients can redeem their physical gold through our platform as well.
Clients are able to purchase a fixed amount on a monthly basis to grow their savings or they can take advantage of the price fluctuations to generate an income on the side. The opportunities are endless.

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Bullion Fund E-Shop

Our E – Shop are for those who are looking to shop for certified bullion bars or coins as gifts for their loved ones or even who intend to buy themselves.
With the ease of being able to buy from anywhere as long as there is internet, clients not only in UAE but abroad can also access our Eshop. We offer delivery services as well (only in UAE).
We offer a multi range of collectible coins such as the Australian Kangaroo, Queen Elizabeth, Burj Khalifa and many more.
Additionally Bullion Fund offers the clients to even personalize a gold or silver coin as per the client’s requirement.

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We make jewellery on custom orders with the best of materials and lowest of prices. Clients can choose which jewellery they want and give pictures for reference and we can make it for you. To get a quote click here.


Raw & Scrap Gold


Our experts determine the quality of the precious metals before they are prepared for logistics.


Our success is a proof of our quality assurance. We utilize meticulous methods for responsible sourcing of the metals

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